Floor Plan

The floor-plan is regularly revised & updated upon registrations & special requirements from exhibitors or sponsors. Location will be based on packages & 1st come 1st serve basis. Please select 2-3 preferred locations with priority order 1,2,3. We will check and confirm which location is currently still available. This Floorplan is just for reference and shall be changed frequently. Please contact us for latest update: sales@vnopi.com |   support@vnopi.com 

B2B Desk Booth Price: US$ 4,950 / unit (2x2m, 1 desk, 02 chairs)

Location is based on sponsorship and 1st come-1st serve basic.

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  • Professional exhibitors

(representatives of the world’s major B2B companies from 20 countries):

  • Immigration companies

  • Law firms

  • International real estate agencies

  • Consultancies


  • Prospective immigrants

  • Vietnamese & In't home buyers

  • Immigration companies

  • Luxury real estate developers

  • Private banks

  • Personal financial consultancies