VnOPI Fair – The Vietnam Fair for Investment, Immigration, Education and Employment organized by Saigon Central Development Limited in Ho Chi Minh City from 1st – 3rd June, 2018 at New World Saigon Hotel, HCMC, Vietnam.

VnOPI Fair is the first fair of its kind which takes place in Vietnam where the current situation indicates that with limited information, Vietnamese customers have faced lot of disadvantages from the lack of diversity and choices for projects, investment companies, immigration companies, etc. wasting their time, effort and money. Costs have been unreasonably high due to lack of competition. That cause criticism and skepticism from Vietnamese investors when being approached by foreign developers, fund managers, immigration companies to introduce projects and immigration schemes to them.

VnOPI Fair therefore creates a place for Vietnamese customers and foreign developers, fund managers, immigration companies, law firms, etc. can meet more freely to showcase their expertise and projects in order to attract and win prospective investors from Vietnam.

For this first fair, with tremendous efforts spent by the organizer, VnOPI Fair – HCMC – 2018 achieved the following results:


Exhibition area:

  • 30 booths

  • 17 Exhibitors (representing more than 40 organizations)

The exhibit structure:

  1. The exhibitor/program structure:

 USA programs (8), Australia programs (7), Cypriot programs (8), other countries’ programs including UK, Canada, Singapore, New Zealand, Bulgaria, Malta, Portugal, Spain, Greece, Dominica, Antigua and Barbuda (4).

  • Developers (6), fund managers/centers (8), realtors (6), law firms (2)

  • Local companies (4), foreign companies (13)

  • There are 17 exhibitors who registered 30 booths (from USA, Canada, Australia, Cyprus, Dominica and Vietnam)

     2. VISITORS:

Total visitors of VnOPI Fair – HCMC 2018 (closed to 1,000 visitors), comprising of:

Individuals (53%) and representatives from various corporations including local and foreign real estate developers, fund managers/centers, realtors, immigration companies, law firms, marketing agents and others (47%).

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